Shivali Arora Brings Designer Clothing to the City of Delhi at a Never Before Price

Shivali Agarwal, a Delhi-based fashion designer launches a line of jaw-dropping designer clothing for the price of regular outfits.

Delhi, India, 17th January 2019

High street fashion that appears on the pages of magazines never cease to amaze the readers. The sky-high pumps, the fuzzy felt coats, the long-trained gowns, everything about haute couture exudes of aristocracy. It is not new to the readers who follow these fashion trends that these fineries cost an arm and a leg. The price labels of haute couture wardrobes are in themselves a major blow to the mediocre buyers who work all week to earn a living. But one boutique is about to change that scenario. Shivali Arora, fashion designer in Delhi launches a new line of clothing that has dazzled the crowd from fashion polices to average dressers.

Shivali Arora who has already made a name for herself as a designer of distinction has always focused on high fashion and low pricing. With her new line of clothing, she nails both the objectives head on. The dresses in her new line have two things in common- they are all outright glamorous and very conservatively priced for the designs. Rated the best lehenga designer in Delhi, Shivali Arora already excels in ethnic outfits. In her new line, she has tried her hands on both western and fusion wear. The results were outstandingly impressive.

Currently, all her upscale outfits are catalogued under E Couture on her website where all the best articles can be found. Here, one can find everything from lehengas to salwar suits, sarees to anarkali suits and more. The E Couture section also includes Western clothing under which there are ionic dresses, cocktail dresses, ball gowns and fusion dresses. As a top fashion designer in Delhi, Shivali Arora tries to bring two things into her creation, novelty and fashion. It goes without saying that all her creations are not just chic, they are also pretty lasting in the face of changing trends.
A quick look at her collection tells that she does not follow a rulebook for the designs. As a dressmaker, she goes entirely by her feelings. When asked what her inspirations are, Arora did not specify anything in particular as the source of all her ideas. Instead, she said that she draws from everything around her, fashion being such an open subject. The wide purview reflects easily in her work. Her best creations that have earned her the title of the best fashion designer in Delhi are all unique, and not a part of anything. Her outfits are all so different that they cannot be identified as being a piece of a particular collection. That gives her clothing that greatest leverage and a distinctive identity of its own.

To top that, everything on her catalogue is nominally priced, which is pleasantly surprising for the quality of fabric and fashion in offer.

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