A New Social Network ‘Machprinciple’ for Academicians Launches in India

Madison, Wisconsin, 15th December 2018 – MachPrinciple.com is a LinkedIn-like professional network that allows general public and academicians to connect with each other, find latest discoveries in the field of their interest find upcoming conferences, give feedbacks about different educational institutes etc. It is launched in India on 7th December 2018.
A social network for scientists is not a new concept. But there is no such network to bring science to the general public, to disseminate scientific knowledge and to foster scientific way of thinking among people. Machprinciple.com comes into existence to fill that void.

There are about 150,000 research papers published per month in different fields. But more than 50% papers are never read and more than 90% are never cited. The situation is getting worse as the things are getting digital. Therefore, researchers are trying to increase the exposure of their scholarly work through social media. MachPrinciple.com gives researchers a unique platform to increase the visibility of their work to the people both inside and outside their research field. All the articles are verified by admin before publishing.

The conference search engine in MachPrinciple.com allows researchers to find all the upcoming conferences in their research field. People can check the popularity of a conference, check who else is attending the conference, their profile etc. People can also explore the location of the conference, nearby hotels, airports, tourist destinations etc.

The final but the most powerful feature of Machprinciple.com is the institute feedback section. While purchasing any product from Amazon or eBay, people always look for user rating and feedback. However, while choosing an educational institute there is no viable platform where you can check its feedback from previous students. Machprinciple.com provides a platform for writing feedbacks about different educational institutes.

About MachPrinciple.com

Machprinciple.com is developed by Santanu Das, a research scientist at University of Wisconsin, Madison, along with his team. It comes with a promise to change the way academics is done across the world. The desktop version of the website is launched. A mobile version is also about to come in early January 2019. It is first launched in India. People can go to https://machprinciple.com and directly login using their Google or LinkedIn profile, without going through the full verification process.
Media Contact
Santanu Das
+1 608 421 4465