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When you hear think about astrological readings it is likely that you think of the daily horoscopes that people like to read. Horoscopes are one type of astrology reading and they are probably the most well-known type. However at you will come to know that they are not the only type of astrological readings that you can have performed though.

At Higher Self Communications astrology reading by Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D. is very accurate. Horoscopes are readings based mainly on the natal chart, or the birth sign chart. The main purpose of experts here is to gain insight into the personality traits a person has. This works on the belief that everyone that is born in one month under the same astrological signs and houses will demonstrate similar personality traits. Astrology readings are a way of reading an individual’s character. Discovering his or her internal weakness or strength, and reveal a sign to his or her future is simply one of its ways.

Archetypal astrology is related to universal forces just like the planets that are in astrology. For each individual and thereby for his chart, a unique set of twelve archetypes are available. It is similar to a common set of nine planets in Vedic/sidereal astrology or that of ten planets in Western/’solar’ astrology.

One of the branches of astrology is financial astrology that deals with the wealth problems and financial status of one’s life. It concerns the monetary success of an individual. Financial astrology introspects and contemplates over each ruling planet in one sign and deciphers the meaning of their unique position to find out their effect on your monetary situation.

Medical Astrology is significant part of astrology readings as it deals with the possible and actual health and diseases of the client. Usually, people come to the astrologer in times of great life changes.

Tarot Reading Spreads are the forte of Dr. Jourdan and her daughter Shanti Jourdan at Higher Self Communications. There are several different spreads among these readings and the best tarot spread is offered by psychic at Higher Self Communications performing the reading for you.


Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D., Diane Griggs-Ross and Shanti Jourdan offer remarkable astrological readings, which are available by telephone or by email. Fees are pro-rated accordingly for astrological readings under or over an hour.

Where you are on your birthday impacts the whole year that follows. Stephanie, Diane or Shanti can run your solar return chart for your upcoming birthday and let you know where you need to be for optimal success, health, wealth or love!