Month: April 2018

Timberfix Provides Weather-Resistant Concrete Joint Sealants with the Sikaflex®-PRO

To ensure moisture protection during the curing process, the Sikaflex®-PRO from Timberfix cures with environmental humidity. Its i-Cure technology presents excellent weather and chemical resistance. [LITHGOW, 30/4/2018] Timberfix, a trusted supplier of construction products in Australia, offers the Sikaflex®-PRO. It is a concrete joint sealant developed with an i-Cure technology […]

Expert Plumbing Gives Expert Septic and Drainage Services

Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical provides residential and commercial clients with highly professional and highly efficient septic and drainage services for any clogging issues. [PLEASANT GROVE, 04/30/2018] For homeowners looking to have high-quality septic and drainage services, Expert Plumbing of Utah offers expert servicing for residents in the Salt […]