Ranch Bucket promotes the retailing of an exclusive line of hats for men and women

Summary:-Brian Morgan is the man behind Ranch Bucket, a premium line of environment-friendly hats embroidered from recycled and biodegradable materials. Every cap carries a rag imprinted with an eye-catching design that makes the hat unique and distinct from all other caps.
For Immediate Press Release
28 December 2017, Denver Colorado-The humble beginnings of the lifestyle fashion marque of Ranch Bucket can be traced to Denver in Colorado. Denver happens to be the base of the brand’s originator, Brian Morgan who is a professional fashion photographer as well as a hardcore adventurist by choice. Morgan earned his B.A. (in fine arts) from University of Colorado before delving in the world of fashion photography. As a photographer, he journeyed to both popular and offbeat locations in the US as well as in foreign countries. During his journeys, whenever he was smitten by the natural beauty of a scenery or landscape, he could not resist the urge to take out his camera and go clicking shots. Soon, he found himself laying the groundwork for establishing Ranch Bucket that deals in an array of top-of-the-line hats, including men’s hats.
Even during his university term, he used to embark on short as well as extended tours in his unassuming Jeep and put his camera to good use. After completing several trips to Western US in his private vehicle as well as undertaking hikes and ski tours, he was left with a huge stockpile of photographs. It was while trying to figure out how to put the images to best use that he had a brainwave-he decided to set up a startup, Ranch Bucket devoted to producing handcrafted hats, each of which would bear a photograph in the form an art design imprinted on a cloth rag. The idea germinated in his mind in 2016 and since then there has been no looking back for him. In the span of just one year, Ranch Bucket has burgeoned into a privately held firm employing 10 professionals wholeheartedly engaged in producing custom, men’s and women’s hats.
Talking about men’s hat, there is an extensive range of caps to choose from. One can start with the ‘Belize’ orange trucker piece costing $35.00. The Belize trucker hat has an orange accent at the front typified by the front two sections of the 6 panels and the curved bill. This hat has been manufactured from recycled/organic textile fragments. To be precise, the 6 panels making up the body of the cap have been cut out from 70% organic cotton fabric and 30% recycled polyester cloth. The back panels have a meshed structure to allow air circulation and the cap can be locked over the top via an adaptable plastic closure.
Similarly, there are many other hat models suitable for men as well as women. One can also go through a series of custom hats. For example, there is one custom hat, the love “LOVE Summit County” Black Wool Snapback that also costs $35.00. This cap has been stitched out of 80% acrylic material and 20% woolen material.

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