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Special Tools for Left-Handed Stylists Available with Scissor Tech US

Left-handed people have different experiences with tools, including scissors. Scissor Tech US provides specially designed scissors to meet the needs of stylists who have difficulties using regular scissors.  [SARASOTA, 8/20/2018]—The United States’ population comprises only up to 15 percent left-handed people, which makes left-handed-oriented tools a niche while all everyday […]

High-End Swivel Shears Available at Scissor Tech

Scissor Tech offers a range of durable and flexible swivel shears from Matsui.  [UNITED KINGDOM, 20/8/2018]—Scissor Tech supplies high-end, premium-quality scissors for hairdressers throughout the UK. One of their flagship products is a range of swivel hair cutting shears manufactured from world-class materials and sourced from renowned Japanese hairdressing brands. […]

How To Organise Your Ride In Style !

We all know how traveling can be stressful and exhausting but did you know that your next ride can be completely stress free, stylish and glamorous experience? Chauffeur driven cars Melbourne is your answer to the previous question. Organizing your ride in style was never easier! Get your quote online, […]